RAAMATTU - The Bible - Suomi/englanti (ruskea/brown)

IEC Books
Odotettu kaunis kaksikielinen Raamattu! Suomen- ja englanninkielinen teksti kulkee vierekkäisissä sarakkeissa.
Suomenkielinen vuoden 1992 raamatunkäännös, englanninkielinen New Internation Version.
-Joustavat keinonahkaiset kauniit ruskeat kannet.
-Lopussa mm. kartasto-osa

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This Bible contains the most popular and well researched New International Version (NIV) as well as the official Finnish translation (92).
The text would be parallel to each other which make comparison and following very easy.

To whom is this Bible aimed?
To every one speaking Finnish or wanting to speak Finnish.
It is especially great gift for graduate students.
It is extremely useful to communicate to your foreign neighbor the love of God in a language that he/she can understand.
It is great for meetings where a guest speaker from abroad comes to speak and you can easily follow in your Bible where he/she is preaching from.

Duo tone Italian leather bonded, gold gilded edges and thumb index.

45,00 €

IEC Books, Sid, 2181s, 2009
Koko 16 × 23 cm (Dimensions: L 235 mmx W 155 mmx T 45 )
Suuri koko / big size
Tuotekoodi: 999476